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  • Agnese Galiotto

Keew keew keew

I’ve never seen the Athene noctua hooting at night. It's hard to imagine its shape, and its voice carried by the wind is far and close at the same time: first it’s coming from down here in the valley and then it’s immediately far up, on the very top of the mountain.

I recorded it and I sent it to the people I love. Enrico sent me a recording too, it was the hooting of an Athene noctua. So it came to you, my nocturnal bird, I thought. 

But he said it can't be the same, that there are many, dozens of them around us. These birds are both far and close. With our eyes we can’t see how crowded is the black sky. For sure though, we can feel their presence: nights are now louder than days.


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