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  • Andrew Wagner



Reports from VOID / The Kitchen Table

(VICTORY over the SUN! Epi-code Nummer Zero)

A neu dawn day cold sun rises over VOID, sprawling endless metropolisss populationed by the RESIDUAL-ents, inhabitants composition’d of trash&refuse&otherTHINGs. the city of VOID extends over endlessly/uncertain geographix. No Residual-ents are totally sure where the city begins or ends…tho occasionally NOOZ comes in from VOID’s not-seen Peripheriques. VOID has existed forthe entire history of the Residual-ents, no-one knos what came before//after it, tho their best ssscientifics are studying Residual-ents’ genetic fibers to try & find out. To-Day, tho, marx a N?euw day in VOID’s ongoing:hystorics:: the first SOLAR ECLIPSE in VOID’s recorded history…a soft song sung by a HALF-CELESTIAL FROMSOMEPLACE-ER sifts in from the beyonds of space, and for the Residual-ents things are beginning to get weird…



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